Jeffrey, but really Jeff.

Jeffrey Bosman

I am a graphic designer, illustrator en photographer. I like to design brand identities, packages, magazines, and brochures. UX and motion design are also my jam!

Even more about me

Well, my name is Jeffrey but you can just call me Jeff. I like to tell stuff no one cares about but it is good to know(read fun facts). I enjoy being creative and I am also a bit chaotic from time to time but aren't all creatives chaotic? Illustrating is one of my favorite things, especially if I can cooperate it into my design.Photography is another big part of my life. I like taking pictures of people, nature, and buildings. The thing I am most excited about to capture is the northern lights, will you take me to the north?

I am currently working as a graphic designer at Only for Men in the Netherlands, but if you think you have the next creative challenge for me don't hesitate to reach out!